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Would you like to understand how the cataclysmic catastrophe known as the Holocaust was possible?

Are you curious to know how normal people became murderous monsters?

Do you want to learn what role Christian antisemitism played in preparing the mindset of the perpetrators?

Six Million Crucifixions systematically examines and scholarly answers these questions and many more. If you want to know where antisemitism comes from and why it has still not disappeared, this book is for you!

Six Million Crucifixions was written by author Gabriel Wilensky, founder of Thought Academy. The book examines the root causes of antisemitism in Christianity, and how that prepared the soil for the modern/racial antisemitism that culminated in the bloodbath that was the Holocaust. You will learn the history of this hatred and what needs to be done to eliminate it.


Here’s what you’ll discover in Six Million Crucifixions:

  • Why and how Nazi-era Germans and their helpers murdered Jews with a clean conscience.
  • The very powerful weapon the churches could have used to stop the Christian faithful from committing genocide, but did not use.
  • How the Catholic Church gave the German population a green light to join the Nazi Party.
  • The real reason why the Catholic Church first supported the Nazis and then refused to strongly speak out against the Nazi nightmare.
  • What the Catholic Church had to say about Jews and Judaism in their official publications during the Nazi era.
  • What the pope could and should have done to stop the slaughter, but did not do.
  • The oral and written Christian teachings that created, promoted, and/or encouraged the negative perception of the Jewish people over the last two millennia.
  • The ways in which the churches and members of the clergy collaborated with the Nazis.

You will also learn:

  • The role of the Vatican in setting up escape routes for wanted war criminals after the Second World War.
  • What changes need to be made to Christian traditions, doctrine, liturgy, and lectionaries to remove the toxic supersessionist and defamatory anti-Jewish polemic included in some of these texts.
  • What crimes the Vatican, the churches, and members of the clergy may have been guilty of.
  • The real reasons why the Catholic Church refused to recognize Israel for 45 years after its founding.

Six Million Crucifixions is thoroughly researched and documented and has been endorsed by many Holocaust and WWII history scholars. This book is your key to understanding where the world’s oldest hatred comes from. Knowing this will help you fight it, and in the process make the world a better place.

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Gabriel Wilensky’s book, Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Antisemitism Paved the Road to the Holocaust is one book I found difficult, almost impossible to read. Why? Because I had to confront the terrible underside of Christian theology, an underside that contributed in no small part to the beliefs and attitudes too many Christians – Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox – had imbibed throughout centuries of anti-Jewish preaching and teaching that “paved the road to the Holocaust.”

Dr. Carol Rittner


Christians have often employed semantics to achieve distance from the Holocaust. Centuries of Christian “anti-Judaism” may have been bad, according to this view, but it was “racial antisemitism” which led to the German murder of six million Jews. Gabriel Wilensky walks us through two thousand years of history to reveal the flaws in such a claim. Christian complicity was substantial. By the early twentieth century, too many Christians viewed the persecution of Jews with equanimity, or even with enthusiasm. This is a sobering but important book.

Robert P. Ericksen


Gabriel Wilensky’s volume is an excellent historical survey of the persistence of antisemitism and its roots in Christian teachings. It will prove useful for both students and the general public.

Rochelle L. Millen, Ph.D


Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Antisemitism Paved the Road to the Holocaust presents a powerful challenge to the Christian community to take seriously its legacy of antisemitism. Hopefully, it will generate continued efforts to cleanse Christian theology and religious education once and for all of this long-lasting shadow over the Cross which both Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have termed sinful.

John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D


Gabriel Wilensky has done a phenomenal job in tracing the role of Christian anti-Semitism, specifically the role of the Roman Catholic Church, in the persecution of the Jewish people. His work reveals the foundation of myths, legends, and stereotypes about Jews that were bandied about throughout the ancient world to the modern-day era and he shows the dire consequences of these falsified stories and myths, culminating in the Holocaust.

Beth Ann Griech-Polelle


In the never-ending saga of Holocaust complicity, Gabriel Wilensky takes aim at the Catholic Church, where moral failure was abundant despite claims to a higher moral authority, and where men and women of the cloth followed Christian teachings but failed to honor Christ, whose memory was forever corrupted by six million crucifixions.

Thane Rosenbaum


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