Six Million Crucifixions

The Role of Christian Teachings
in the Holocaust

Did Christianity play any role in the millenarian hatred towards Jews that led to the paroxysm of murder known as the Holocaust?

Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust provides an answer to the question, “What could have possibly motivated ordinary Germans and their helpers throughout Nazi-occupied Europe to hate Jews so much as to drag thousands of Jewish men, women and children to a forest, and shoot them in the head at close range one by one, getting blood, pieces of brain and splinters of cranial bone splattered all over them after each victim, and continue to do it all day long, day after day?”

The root causes of antisemitism

Six Million Crucifixions examines the root causes of antisemitism in Christianity and how that prepared the soil for the secular antisemitism that culminated in the Holocaust. The book covers the last two thousand years of history, from the origins of this hatred all the way to the advent of modern antisemitism. It also
With a foreword by Holocaust scholar John K. Roth
covers the role of the Churches during the Holocaust, and the role of the Vatican in setting up escape routes for wanted war criminals after WWII. Six Million Crucifixions concludes by making the point that after the Holocaust the Allies should have set up an international trial and put any and all clergymen who may have had a role in the defamation of and incitement against the Jewish people, as well as those who helped wanted Nazis escape Justice and other charges, on the dock.

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